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Having succeeded in his mission of destroying life on Earth, Kakarot was shocked to learn upon his return to Vegeta that some did not believe his mission to be completed.Years later on a foreign planet, the third class Saiyan was hit with a surprise he didn't think possible.And as if an epic battle wasn’t enough, we were treated to a sweet scene between Shishigou and Mordred during their last moments together.As fan favorites, it was awfully bittersweet watching the two share a smoke together as they revealed they realized just what it is that they wanted.Vegeta notices that Cabba is acting odd and discovers that it’s because of something a certain female saiyan wants.Not wanting the boy to misplace his pride, the prince decides to give his student a special lesson in seduction. Adventure/Drama/Angst In an undisclosed space station, a Saiyan Prince and a blue haired scientist embark on a secret, passionate affair.With Shishigou admitting that he just wanted to bring his daughter back and Mordred realizing that she didn’t necessarily want to become king, it really felt like that our two characters had finally reached a point where, even though they were satisfied with how far they got, they could have achieved their goals had they just managed to hold on just a little bit longer.Shifting gears to Jeanne’s situation, I can’t help but feel bad for her.

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As a Heroic Spirit and Ruler for this Greater Holy Grail War, she’s been thrown around like a rag doll with little to no concern for her well being.Looking back at all of Mordred’s previous opponents, there really hasn’t been one that’s given her too much trouble.Sure, Frankenstein may have given her a good run for her money, but besides that and a good kick from Chiron way back when, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Mordred had the upperhand in most of her fights.Starting with the most obvious — boy was that a pretty fight.Even though it may not have been as stylized as some of last week’s crazy fights, the animation through and through felt crisp and clean as we saw Mordred clash with Semiramis.

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