Dating progressing slowly

It could be that, in your eagerness, you’ve made it easy for him to linger in limbo by giving more than you should.

Maybe he’s concluded you aren’t the one for him, but lacks the courage to say so. He becomes defensive, even angry, when you bring up the subject of marriage.

I feel that now since we have crossed that line and had sex that the ball isn't just rolling, but has begun to pick up speed. What if I don't know if I am on the same page as he is?

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Even time isn’t a constant quantity, but is elastic and subject to our perceptions. Discover his reasons and you’ll be better equipped to allay his fears. A lot of years can go by while you sit on the fence.

much to the dismay of women who would like to keep things moving a bit more swiftly.

Or who at least want to know what lurks in the shell-like mind of a snail-like male.

How long should I date him before introducing him to my son?

When do you know it's really serious, exclusive relationship, once sex is involved?

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