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Thanks for sharing your REAL experiences on and off screen, Rae February 26, 2008 PM not a romanian said: Taking a Russian to Romania? Is he some sort of an east Europe/formenr Soviet Union expert?

He's from Moscow, and therefore belongs only on that show.

Perhaps the bigger question is why certain scenes/experiences were selected. Kudos for your diplomatic response to their feeble attempts to make you pay to film per meter (even though your face defintely read "those f*ckers!

") Zamir, while a fun sidekick elsewhere, should not have been your guide here. He seemed lost at times and while we all like to get ripped on our bdays, it got a bit uncomfortable to watch.

So, in the winter, when tomatoes are not in season, you won't see that many around.

February 26, 2008 PM mike said: This was a pretty painful show to watch, but I appreciate the fact you kept your integrity and didn't try to BS everyone into thinking you were at Club Med or something. I can guarantee I won't be planning a summer vacation to draculaville any time soon. It all made for a good honest (though seemingly ill prepared) travel show though.

In fact we eat them all the time - IN THE SUMMER, when they are in season.

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Trei sute si ceva de mesaje de la cititori despre o experienta intre oameni nemernici. When we were there veggies were pretty much an afterthought or not served at all in any restaurant.

Am primit un mail care semnala articolul din Cotidianul. Nu am citit inca (la momentul in care adaug textul asta la mesajele mele) articolul dar am cititi peste 30 de mesaje de la cititori. Predictably, a lot of people either hated--or were deeply offended by--the Romania show. From your show it doesn't look as though that has changed much.

Most, I gather, are either Romanian or have traveled to Romania and had a better time there than I did. But the moment that made me cry was hearing the word "mititei" again. February 26, 2008 PM Harley Rose said: So I don't claim to know anything about the internet, but this is my attemp to get in contact with Anthony Bourdain.

@# off at the miserably pained look on your face during the Halloween party scene at the Dracula hotel.

Sorry, I just don't understand what YOU were doing there. Keep your chin up brother, despite your utter humiliation before millions of viewers, you're still the baddest MF travel writer out there.

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