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I felt encouraged to put my own creativity to work. Tamara Rothbart is the best tutor I could have asked for.

Definitely worth it.” Nerissa Krishnan, Basics of Creative Writing Course, September 2017, Cape Town“My tutor is obviously an experienced professional but is so down to earth and approachable. My experience at the college was informative in a very time-effective manner.” Ngenzeni Shozi, Scriptwriting Course, September 2017, Durban“It’s been practical and very helpful to learn about the tips and tricks for website writing. The course was worthwhile to complete; it definitely helped to improve my writing style and increased my confidence to write.” Jennifer Baker, Writing Articles for Websites and Blogs Course, September 2017, Cambridge“Very insightful course. She is very knowledgeable and her experience showed in every aspect.

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Andrew was a joy to work with - he gave me great feedback and responded to any query I had with intelligence and compassion.But for what it’s worth, your employer never owes you a raise.You’re in a business relationship, where you get to (professionally) advocate for what you think is reasonable, and if your employer doesn’t agree to it, you get to decide if it’s a deal-breaker for you or not.I get the impression that my boss took me for inexperienced and naive, tried to pull one over on me, and is angry that it didn’t work.Is there any other reason I could be getting such a bad raise (besides poor performance that my boss won’t tell me about)? ” is such an adversarial response to a raise — to anything at work, really — that it’s hard for me to imagine someone coming back from that.

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