Updating website using joomla in dreamweaver

"User" will be your main user name, but depending on your hosting provider, it might also be , or something else.

Not only that, but try to have the folders in this offline version organised in the same way as they’ll appear on your website - ie, make your offline version exactly the same as your online version.

This makes uploading a breeze, since all you have to do is drag all the folders from one side to the other without having to go digging around, looking for files.

There's no magic "publish" button when it comes to FTP.

That’s the FTP program communicating with the server. What we need to do now is get the files off your computer and into this space.

Hopefully it’ll be successful and you’ll see a whole lot of green and blue text flashing through that window, then some other windows will open in the main window on the right. The two windows on the left represent the files and folders on your computer, so you need to navigate your way to wherever you’re keeping the files you’ve got ready for your website.

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